MONDO TV and MOPI signed a co-production deal for the innovative TV series “MeteoHeroes”

Mondo TV announced that their Group signed a deal with MOPI (Meteo Operations Italia), aka Meteo Expert, for the co-production of a new animated Tv series of 52 episodes, each 7 minutes long.


The 2D series will be based on the MeteoHeroes project, a MOPI original property, and will focus on climate change related topics, ecology and respect for nature.


The core target of the series will be children of primary school age that are going to experience and follow the amazing adventures of the main characters of the series: Fulmen, Nix, Nubes, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum, six children who, under the guide of Tempus, discover they have superpowers and are able to evoke weather phenomena to save the Planet.


The message that lies underneath is that the solution of climate and environmental issues is potentially in the hands of today’s children, future men and women who will have to face the problems of an overpopulated, stressed planet.


“We are very excited to finally announce this project with Mondo TV” – commented Luigi Latini, CEO of MOPI - Meteo Expert – “this is an amazing project that also has deep environmentalist roots but is also fun and captivating. With MeteoHeroes we’d like to teach our kids how important is the protection of the Planet we live in and we believe that this animated TV series could be the best way to put the new generations in contact with climate change related topics”.


MOPI will contribute to the 60% of the budget, financially and providing the property and of some early development productions, while Mondo TV will contribute to the 40% of the budget, taking care of the realization phases, of the worldwide distribution of the series and of the licensing plan.


Thanks to this deal, Mondo TV Group expands and branches out their content selection with an innovative project that is believed to become the hit of the educational programs of the Group for a wide target of kids between 4 and 10 years old.


Matteo Corradi, CEO of Mondo TV S.p.A, said: “We are proud to see our Company name side by side with one of the most highly regarded private research centres specialized in weather forecasting and climatology in Europe. Mondo TV has always been attentive and caring about what educational topics to impart to future generations and we are excited to do so doing what we do best, entertaining”


Meteo Expert, founded in 1995, is one of the most highly regarded private research centres specialized in weather forecasting and climatology in Europe. In keeping with the design lines that inspired its foundation, CEM has started from the very beginning to work by activating two main structures: the first one is represented by the Division of Research and Development in the field of Physics and the second  identifies with the Division of Meteorology. (


Mondo TV, is based in Rome and is a Group of 4 companies leader in Italy and among the primary European operators in the production and distribution of animated TV series and full-length feature films for TV and cinema. Mondo TV is also operating in the field of licensing, merchandising, music and audio-visual distribution, media and publishing rights.  (

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