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MeteoHeroes project

MeteoHeroes Project starts in 2015 with an idea from Meteo Expert (already known as the Centro Epson Meteo since 1995), which is the most highly regarded center for the study of meteorology and weather forecasting in Italy. CEM believes that, in view of the increasing importance of global issues like climate change, pollution and global warming, our best bet is educating future generations... Read All

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Pluvia, Nix, Thermo, Ventum, Fulmen and Nubes train to exercise its powers in 6 different scenarios, from polar ice to the desert, under the Tempus artificial intelligence oversight. They will face a series of tests and remove the obstacles that lie in their path, thus discovering how nature responds to atmospheric events. Help them to face the trials and to take care of the Earth. Through a short tutorial it will be easy to take possession of the game controls and from time to time to take action to solve critical situations that are on their way. Exceed levels, earning MeteoCards!... Read All

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