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The exact day in which they turn ten, six points away of the planet, unexpectedly six children discover they have special powers. Each of them can trigger an atmospheric agent: drop the rain and the snow, hurling lightning and thunder to resonate, powder the world of snow, raising the wind, warm the earth and melt the ice ...


The six boys soon find themselves gathered in a futuristic Central where Tempus artificial intelligence, guided by scientists and meteorologists of CEM, will train them to control their amazing powers, turning them into MeteoHeroes, small superheroes capable of acting on atmospheric phenomena.


Pluvia, Nix, Thermo, Ventum, Fulmen and Nubes train to exercise its powers in 6 different scenarios, from polar ice to the desert, under the Tempus artificial intelligence oversight. They will face a series of tests and remove the obstacles that lie in their path, thus discovering how nature responds to atmospheric events.


Help them to face every challenge and take care of the Earth. Through a short tutorial it will be easy to master the game controls and take action in order to solve critical situations that are on their way.


Level up! Earn MeteoCards!
After every obstacle and weather phenomenon revealed there is a prize. There are 12 educational cards to conquer and examine in the control panel of the Center. Reading them together, kids and adults, is a unique and precious way to study the basics of meteorology and to get useful ideas in order to deal with the problems of the environment and nature surrounding us.


Explore the app!
Discover new features and funny interactions as you walk into nature. Every character has his own. These are a pleasant surprise, fun for kids and adults too!

Soon the training will be over because our little MeteoHeroes will have to face bigger challenges on Earth like pollution, global warming, abuse of natural resources ...

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