What if we could build our roads with recycled plastic?

Billions of litres of oil make up the world’s roads and there are currentrly trillions of pieces of plastic in the ocean. Today, we can build our roads with recycled plastic!

We can do it thanks to a Scottish engineer, Toby McCartney: he founded MacRebur, a company that uses waste materials to replace part of bitumen in any asphalt mix.

Toby McCartney found a revolutionary invention with which MacRebur intends to solve 3 world challenges:

– Use up millions of tons of waste plastic that sit in our landfill sites
– Reduce the millions spent on new roads, maintenance, and pothole repair
– Make roads stronger and longer lasting

By paving roads with recycled plastic it’s possible to help solve our plastic waste epidemic, reduce global carbon emissions and make our roads more lasting: the road is 60% stronger than a regular asphalt road and can last 10 times longer.
Many countries are paving the way forward with “plastic roads”: the Netherlands plans to pave roads entirely from recycled ocean waste and India is already fixing potholes with plastic waste!