Name: Tempus


Born in: Bangalore, India


The "Brain"

Tempus is the super computer created by CEM. It is an artificial intelligence, able to make decisions in milliseconds. Its task is to monitor the weather situation on the planet and develop intervention plans in case of crisis. Together with Margherita Rita, it helps MeteoHeroes to enhance their superpowers and to take care of the Earth.


Particular signs

Tempus is very intelligent and knows everything about meteorology and science. But do not ask Tempus what a cherry tastes like or how to play hide and seek, because it will have to ask MeteoHeroes for help. If it is in a screen saver mode, it means it is meditating.


Tempus together with Margherita Rita and all CEM experts will train six children to use their powers in the most correct and appropriate way. It is their guide at the beginning of the adventure.