Greenland shark: the longest-lived vertebrate known

Greenland shark – known in science with the name of somniosus microcephalus – lives in the cold and deep waters of the Arctic Seas and, according to a recent study can live up to 500 years old! They studied 28 female Greenland sharks and they discovered that the bigger shark they examined had more that 400 years old. Impressive, isn’t it?! This shark was alive during the Renaissance! Incredible!

The Greenland shark is one of the biggest shark of the world: he’s as big as the most known white shark. He likes fishes but he can even bite some marine mammals too.

Julius Nielsen, author of the study and biologist at the University of Copenhagen, explained that this finding was a big surprise even for him! The experts knew that this shark was one of the most long-living sharks, but no one could ever imagine that much!