MeteoHeroes Project starts in 2015 with an idea from Meteo Expert (already known as Centro Epson Meteo since 1995), which is the most highly regarded center for the study of meteorology and weather forecasting in Italy. Meteo Expert believes that, in view of the increasing importance of global issues like climate change, pollution and global warming, our best bet is educating future generations.

The solution of climate and environmental issues is potentially in the hands of today’s children, future men and women who will have to face the problems of an overpopulated, stressed planet. They will need to know how to take care of their home in the universe.

Ecology, respect for nature and its dynamics are all part of the knowledge that this generation will need to possess to face the increasing challenges that await them and at the same time increase their identity as global citizens.

These are the premises that form the basis of the MeteoHeroes project. Our new “digital native” generation is more attracted by multimedial and interactive devices and content. For this reason Meteo Expert has chosen to release this “game” from a mobile app which is able to broadcast environmental knowledge and facts about the weather and climate to a vast audience of children and teens, offering them convincing characters they can easily relate to as they are children and super heroes at the same time.


Fulmen, Nix, Nubes, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum are six children who discover they have superpowers that involve weather phenomena. They also learn how they can use these to affect nature. Guided by Meteo Expert and the AI character Tempus they soon learn how to control their powers and use them wisely to solve small and big issues throughout our planet. On their way to becoming superheroes the kids will also face other dynamics that are typical of their age such as friendship, relations with elders and peers. Great care has been put into the creation of the six characters so children could identify with them and become familiar with basic weather facts.

The game’s Italian roots are immediately evident; the six MeteoHeroes live in a base that is in the heart of the Gran Sasso mountains, where Meteo Expert is located and the MeteoHeros operation center, like an eyrie, dominates the horizon.

Qualified partners, in weather science as well as children’s education and psychology and computer science, were chosen in order to give this ambitious project the status it deserves.

Meteo Expert


Meteo Expert (already known as Centro Epson Meteo since 1995) is one of the most highly regarded private research centers specialized in weather forecasting and climatology in Europe. Meteo Expert publishes global and local weather forecasts in great detail and is the only private Italian company authorized to supply forecasts to civil aviation throughout Europe. Meteo Expert collaborates with NASA, CNR as well as the Politecnico di Milano and other large companies in its national and international research activities in the fields of civil aviation, maritime traffic, transportation on rail and wheels, energy and the environment.

Meteo Expert forecasts have an audience of 25 million viewers on the Mediaset television channel platform and 20 million more on radio stations such as RTL 105, RMC, Radio Subasio, Virgin Radio and other smaller ones.

Mamamò - Digital Boom

Founded by Roberta Franceschetti and Elisa Salamini, Mamamò.it is the foremost Italian portal devoted to the promotion of digital contents for children. Its audience are teachers, librarians and parents who need a guide in finding contents and technology for kids under 14 meaning apps for smart phones and tablets, interactive e-books and videogames for children. Mamamò also collaborates with editors and companies producing apps and other digital contents for children and teens as well as providing training for educators and civil servants in the field of digital production for children.

Tiwi S.r.l.

tiwi logo

Tiwi S.r.l. is a creative studio which supplies contents for television and the internet as well as developing interactive online activities. Tiwi lauched Minibombo, a children’s books publishing company in 2013 for which it develops interactive websites for its books winning prestigious prizes (Andersen Prize as the best digital creation for the app “Libro Bianco” Special Mention for the app “Forme in Gioco” at the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2015.

More recently Tiwi has developed and produced together with Sky Arte HD and Sergio Bonelli Editore a live action/animated series called “The Editor is In” starring the famous Bonelli cartoon characters.

Terry Amaini

Terry Amaini is a talented concept illustrator and character designer. He has collaborated creating animated characters for over 15 years with television and film makers along with Giochi Preziosi, Valfrutta, Foxy, Madigan, Fendi, Ecolucart as well as Seven and Sky Sport; these two latter recipients of the Key Award for Animation. As a concept artist he has worked for Wetadigital Ltd. , Pappi Corsicato and Edwige Fenech, and as layout artist for the film “Iqbal: children without fear” directed by Michel Fuzellier. He has also had cartoons published in XL (La Repubblica).

Luigi Ballerini

foto_ballerini_2015 (1)

Physician and psychiatrist, board member of the Società Amici del Pensiero, Dr Ballerini is an expert on children and adolescents, editorialist for Avvenire on children ,school and education issues. He has written books for children and teenagers published by several major Italian publishers. Among others he has won prizes in “White Ravens (2010), Premio Andersen(2014), Premio Fenice Europa (2016) and Premio Bancarellino (2016). His books have been translated into French, Greek, Dutch and soon Chinese.